Monday, 2 November 2015

6 months later ...

... slight exaggeration - it's been about 5 and three quarter months since the last blog post, oops, so much for regular updates. Excuses mainly revolve around being too busy - too busy to upload photos, post, or even do much birding (or sort the computer out when it was playing up). Once you miss doing it one week it becomes a matter of catch-up, then the weeks simply become months.

Stithians Reservoir stayed there throughout this period.

It is still there. The birds were still there, and many/different ones still are. I'll probably post up a summary or two of the highlights at some stage. For now, however, I'll post up the results of last months WeBS (Wetland Bird Survey) count, and mention a CBWPS/ Cornwall Ringing Group event this Saturday -

Bird Ringing Demonstration at Stithians

Saturday November 7th 0800 -1200 Leader: Mark Grantham Text 07818 497470 Bird Ringing. Stithians feeding station Finches and Tits (meet at 8 am by the southern cut-off) The session is very weather dependent, so if it looks windy or wet then please check if running.   

Basically if the weather isn't calm/nice enough the event is unlikely to go ahead - to minimise stress to the little feathered bundles of joy whilst they await their shiny new bling. I'll try and post up confirmation/news either way the evening before.

October WeBS Count

Haven't seen the Golden Plover, Dunlin or Shoveler recently, and Teal and Lapwing numbers have continued to rise, but this snapshot gives a fair indication of the birds about at the moment.

This Saturday gone there were 3 vocal Green Sandpipers together from the Stuart Hutchings hide, which was nice, and a week or so ago a nice flock of c200 Fieldfare were kicking about. The feeders are still there and attracting birds, although nothing that especial at the moment that I'm aware of.

Roll on the next blog post ... ;)


  1. Didn't get to post last night, but just on the off chance that anyone hadn't yet looked outside and was thinking of attending the ringing demonstration - please don't, it has been cancelled due to high winds and rain.

    However we are pressing ahead with a work party around the hides - should be fun.

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