Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Weds Feb 11th update - WeBS and Events

This months WeBS count is in - still really rather quiet, probably good to get the Slavonian Grebe on for another month and a quartet of Goldeneye, but that is mostly it ... The hoped for evidence of cold weather movement little in evidence - Wigeon numbers much as they have been, not much else has really changed. Hoped for additions such as Goosander or Gadwall (may have been a bit of a minor influx to the region the last week or so of the latter) sadly still being awaited.

It's only been 3 weeks or so since the last WeBS (Wetland Bird Survey in case anyone was still wondering, a long-running count of the nation's waterbirds organised by the BTO, see link in the right hand taskbar for further info) was carried out, another month until the next ... we'll see what changes, if any, that brings ... here's hoping? (Thanks to S Taylor for the count and data.)


Other Exciting News

There is a new section added in the 'taskbar' at the top of the page -  'News and Events' . (Or click below to open in a new window) -

Basically added to the blog in keeping with my hope it will be useful as a resource and not just me wittering on and on about some birds I've seen (!), as there are two Stithians-related events happening this weekend - CBWPS ringing event at Stithians, and a SWLT walk at College Reservoir (less than 3 miles distant as the Wigeon or rare duck flies, so still pretty relevant to proceedings here). 

Not personally involved in any official capacity with either - contact details are given, and myself, this blog, the Duchy and any ducks around and about cannot be held responsible in any way for anything untoward or exciting happening, weatherwise or other. Both open to the public, but please do see the link for further details.

Now that it is 'on the blog' I will add future events and happenings (hopefully with a little more notice) as I become aware of them, keep an eye on that section if you're local (or even if you're not, perhaps!), although important announcements will be referred to here in these normal (if that is the correct word to use) blog pages as, when and if I feel like it (or remember).

Other notable bird news in the week -

Tues 10th Feb - 6 female/immature Goldeneye (C Barnard)

The Back of Beyond ...

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