Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday 23rd Jan - the week so far

Been passing by a few times in the week - including one day of blustery wind and one of glorious sunshine.

To start, a few more pics of last weeks Ringed Plover (I'm working on the assumption it's the same bird, encountered a couple of times) near the watersports centre.

Monday - most of the usual suspects at the feeders including the Water Rail and Reed Buntings, but the highlight was probably a record count of 22 Chaffinch. House Sparrows now on the feeders. Downside was finding half the hide windows left open by a previous visitor on my arrival - a Grey Heron flushed off the near bank of the waterside as the daylight 'flashing' from the hide disturbed it as opened the door.

Highlights of Wednesdays visit were 7 Shoveler (all sleeping, unfortunately), 70 Wigeon, 95 Canada Geese, 39 Teal, 1 Goldeneye etc (it was pretty choppy and I couldn't really tell if the Slavonian Grebe was present or not with my current optics (the scope having recently suffered an unfortunate mishap)). Great Spotted Woodpecker and 2 Reed Bunting from the Southern Hide, and Goldcrest by the Stuart Hutchings hide.

1 drake and 2 female Shoveler

Male Reed Bunting

Swung by, yet again, on Thursday - passing by and so a quick check. Usual suspects at the feeders - Water Rail, Great Spotted Woodpecker flyby (it had been using the peanut feeders earlier according to the birder couple already in the hide before my arrival), Greenfiches, Goldfinches and Long-tailed Tits (using the fat ball feeders also). Quick check and clean of the feeders and I left them to it (the birds, and their observers). The distinctive 'chacking' of a Fieldfare overhead impinged upon my consciousness as I walked out of the scrub woodland, but by the time I'd registered and started looking in the direction it (or they) had been going I didn't catch a sighting.

The Shoveler were still asleep in exactly the same spot (or so it seemed), scattered Herring Gulls (60), the Little Egret and a few Meadow Pipit, along with the normal numbers and range of waterfowl. Checking briefly from the eastern end of the causeway I finally picked up the Slavonian Grebe, not too far off the south western corner, and a more distant female Goldeneye.

Somnolent Canada Geese

Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend!!!! - our garden is generally not that great and so I will probably be up to the reservoir feeders for an hours session to see what we can see ... check out the link below for more information ...

Count the birdies - how many can you see?! (Click to enlarge)


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