Introduction - me and this blog

About me (and this blog) -

So, this blog thing.

the Blog and I ...

Mainly intended as a way to communicate bird sightings for Stithians Reservoir, showcase what a reasonably good place it is, post a few bird pics up, provide links and cutting insights ...

Dan Chaney (CBWPS Stithians Warden, 
P&A Ecology BSc 2.1 (hons), 
reasonably mediocre birder, 
marzipan tolerant humanoid.)

Thought I'd better put a photo of myself up at some point - I would prefer to remain totally anonymous, but unfortunately that kind of defeats the object of being 'the warden'. I'm generally to be found lurking in the undergrowth somewhere, fiddling with the feeders or having a quiet nap.

I'm now at a major disadvantage as any visitors will know who I am (that is, if they've come across this bit and troubled to put the image above to memory/save it to i-phone/carry a print out with them at all times, whilst I will not have a clue who they (or you) are. I'm also rubbish at names, and remembering who people are - so please don't be offended if I suffer my usual memory blank if encountering you on any subsequent meeting (my people-recognition skills are even more woeful than my bird-recognition skills!)

Anyway, do say hi, sometimes I will say hi back, or even smile occasionally.

More to come ... eventually ... perhaps

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